Our Vision
Our Vision is to utilize technology to connect every Jesuit secondary school throughout the world for the benefit of their students, teachers, administrators, parents, alumni and friends. To do this we must operate as St. Ignatius and his companions did - with the spirit of an explorer sent to the frontiers.
To expect our students to be open to growth, we must be open.To expect our students to innovate, we must be innovative.
To expect our students to lead, we must show leadership.

Jesuit Network News

2016-17 Course List.  The twofold purpose of our student coursework is to 1) strengthen member Jesuit and Catholic schools by providing flexible, cost-effective student courses and programming to complement schools’ existing instructional programs, and 2) provide students quality learning experiences that help them mature as thoughtful, independent learners. 


2015 Summer Offerings.  The JVLA offers a variety of summer courses to meet the needs of Catholic schools including Theology courses, courses for acceleration, and remediation.


What People are Saying. Hear from Scranton Preparatory Assistant Principal Jane Nagurney.



What People are Saying.  Hear from Cristo Rey St. Martin President Preston Kendall.


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