Our Vision
Our Vision is to utilize technology to connect every Jesuit secondary school throughout the world for the benefit of their students, teachers, administrators, parents, alumni and friends. To do this we must operate as St. Ignatius and his companions did - with the spirit of an explorer sent to the frontiers.
To expect our students to be open to growth, we must be open.To expect our students to innovate, we must be innovative.
To expect our students to lead, we must show leadership.

Jesuit Network News

2014-15 Student Course Catalog.

The JVLA offers a collection of courses to students attending member Catholic high schools. Click here to download.

Parent Resource.

The FTC has produced a small booklet entitled NET CETERA: Chatting with Kids About Being Online. Click here to view and/or download this helpful resource.

A Bit About Online Learning.

The U.S. Department of Education in 2010 released the most comprehensive study currently available on online learning.  Click here to view the full report.


Executive Director & Founder Jeff Hausman was recently interviewed about the work of the JVLA by Education Portal. Click here to view.


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